2021 NEKBA Bee Fun Day



 Dr. Jennifer Tsuruda: At the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, she focuses on teaching beekeepers and non-beekeepers to improve the management of bees and to increase awareness of the importance of pollinators; 

Dr. Elina Niño: Dr. Niño is the California State Extension Apiculturist 

Dr. Judy Wu-Smart, Extension & Research Entomologist at UN-L; 

Beth Conrey: Beth is the owner and operator of Bee Squared Apiaries, Berthoud, Colorado;

 Dr. Autumn Smart, a published author, research graduate from the University of Minnesota, Department of Entomology. She is currently a wildlife biologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Entomology; 

State: Kansas

Course Date: 
June 5, 2021

Course Time: 
7:45-8:45AM CST

Course Location: 

Course Cost: