Learning Series: Overwintering Basics


You have made it through installation, treatments, extraction, and many other ups and downs this year, now comes the final test, preparing for winter! Overwintering your bees is vastly important to building your hive numbers and keeping your beekeeping venture profitable and sustainable. In this learning series we will cover the lead up to winter and the various tasks that are required to overwinter your hives, and even cover a few that are optional.

After this lecture, you will have a better understanding of:
- Wrapping vs not wrapping you hives

- Types of wraps.

- Mouse-guards and their role and installation

- What a winter bee hive does

- How to manage for moisture

- Feeding before overwintering

State: Nebraska
Course Standards: 1.13

Course Date: 
September 14th

Course Time: 
9:30 - 11:30

Course Location: 
Entomology Hall Lincoln NE Room 202

Course Cost: 
$10 for members, $25 for non-members