Learning Series: Varroa Mite Treatment


The Varroa destructor mite is arguably one of the most destructive pests that plague honey bees. Proper detection of varroa mites is only half of the battle of beekeepers, there must be a type of treatment in order to slow the growth of the varroa’s population. Whether using synthetic or organic chemicals or mechanical means, the varroa mite must be controlled by the beekeeper, and this learning series will teach you many different methods to control this destructive parasite.

After this lecture, you will have a better understanding of:
- The life cycle of the varroa mite

- How varroa mites impact honey bees

- What are the different kinds of treatments for varroa

- What are the thresholds for varroa mites

- When do you treat for varroa & how often

- How to do a powdered sugar roll varroa test

- What are my varroa control options

State: Nebraska
Course Standards: 1.16

Course Date: 
July 13th

Course Time: 
9:30 - 11:30

Course Location: 
Entomology Hall Lincoln NE Room 202

Course Cost: 
$10 for members, $25 for non-members