Open Teaching Apiary: Rolla, MO 2024

Bee Club


Open Teaching Apiary times are an informal unstructured gathering of members of the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program. There will be brief demonstrations, questions and answers, and time to get hands on experience with beehives. Open Teaching Apiary will count as 2 hours of field training towards your progress through the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program. 

Apiary Manager: Robert Catron

Please contact Robert Catron/ Rolla Bee Club at or 5734663750 to register and receive specific address. 

**Registration is required.**

Open Teaching Apiary Dates:

Time 1000-1200
Topic Equipment inspection. Preparing for packages and Nuc's

Time 1000-1200
Topic: Installing new packages and Nuc's. Inspection of hives for possible splits,
Inspect stores and discuss feeding requirements.

Time 1000-1200
Hive inspections, Mite count, check for honey or brood bound. Identify queen and Drone cells.
Add brood /honey box or honey supers as needed

Time 1000-1200
Topic: Hive health inspection (conduct varroa check) Identify queen and check brood patterns

07-28-2024 (heat alternate date TBD if needed)
Time 1000-1200
Hive health inspections (conduct varroa check) Discuss honey harvest and second flow

08-25-2024 (heat alternate date TBD if needed)
Time 1000-1200
Topic Hive inspection varroa check and management options

Time 1000-1200
Topic Hive health inspections varroa check. Equalize hives. Observe for robbing of weak hives. Take protective steeps as needed.

Time 1000-1200
Hive health inspections, feeding options. Winterization of hives


December meeting TBD

State: Missouri
Field Training: 

Course Date: 
See Description for Open Teaching Apiary Dates

Course Time: 
10 AM to noon

Course Cost: 
GPMB Members: Free; Non-members: $10