Virtual Bee Fun Day



The main goal of GPMB is to create a broader beekeeping community that fosters learning and field training for beekeepers of all levels and interests. Since many local beekeeping events have been cancelled, this fun day was created to allow beekeepers the opportunity to continue to learn and hear from well known honey bee experts. While congregating together is not advised, this quarantine has offered the perfect opportunity for beekeepers to spend more time with their bees. This fun day will provide beekeepers with the opportunity to learn about new management skills, expand their knowledge and operation, and or create new value-added products.

The event will take place on June 13th and 14th. Presentations for the virtual fun day will include research lectures by experts from a variety of universities, agencies, and organizations that focus on a multitude of topics including honey bee health, stressors impacting our colonies, honey bee pheromones, and much more. There will also be management lectures describing how to handle things such as mite pressure, pesticide exposure and monitoring, planting and managing bee friendly landscapes, and queen rearing.

Not all presentations will be lectures, as there will also be some demonstrations. These demonstrations will include how to make value added products such as soaps and lotions, how to harvest your honey, and a couple of field demos showing varroa mite testing techniques as well as how to troubleshoot certain hive problems. Follow along at home in your kitchen if you want to have some hands on value-added practice!
This will be a fundraising event for GPMB and their partnering associations, but it will be offered to the public free of charge. There will be a suggested donation fee of $10 per person with the ability to customize your donation amount.

Course Date: 
June 13 & 14

Course Time: 
8:30am-5pm Saturday, 8:15am-5pm Sunday

Course Location: 
Video Link: Will be emailed to you the day prior (after registration)

Course Cost: 
Freewill donation (suggested $10 per person minimum)