Great Plains Master BeekeepingRegional Beekeeper Training and Certification Program

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The Great Plains Master Beekeeping program is a regional education program that spans the Midwest. We partner with beekeeping organizations to bring education opportunities for both new and experienced beekeepers. 

Our focus is to increase the amount of well educated beekeepers, to provide beekeepers with resources to continue their education and to help others become advocates for bees.

Whether a student never keeps bees, owns just a few hives, and even if they become a large commercial operation; the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program will provide the student with the resources he or she needs to succeed in the ever changing world of keeping bees.

New resources, associations ,and courses are added weekly so please check back! 

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Bee Lab Open Apiary Times

Once a month the UNL Bee Lab will be open for Master Beekeepers for demos, Q&A and field training.

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New Resources

Bee Keeping FAQ
Find a list of commonly asked questions related to beekeeping.

Bee Keeping Glossary
Find a list of common terms related to beekeeping.

Hive Inspection Data Sheet
Use this data sheet to help you record and document what is happening in your hive.

Honeybee Plant List
Find a short list of lesser known plants that support both native and honey bees.

Land, Seeds, and Bee-Buisiness Resources
Find a list of financial resources that can help you start and grow your hive.

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Please consider donating to the UNL Bee Lab to help support this program and others like it. It is with your support that we can continue to offer programs that provide training, education, outreach, and mentoring for beginning and advanced beekeepers that will improve colony survival and drive economic success.

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