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Program Benefits

Some of the many benefits of becoming a member of the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program:

  • Discounts at learning series programs
  • Access to members only resources
  • Online lectures and other distance learning opportunities
  • Free entry into "open apiary" hands on sessions
  • Fun opportunities to serve your community through outreach and sharing your knowledge with others
  • Cutting edge updates on scientifically vetted beekeeping practices
  • Opportunities to include yourself or your hives in research and extension
  • Access to experts to help you with beekeeping problems or questions
  • Enjoy fellowship with other beekeepers that share your passion for bees and being a bee advocate

Explore the World of Master Beekeeping

Are you just starting out and want to explore beekeeping? Our Exploratory course provides an introduction to beekeeping, including knowledge about the roles of bees and beekeepers play in agro-ecosystems, what it takes to become a beekeeper, and how one can keep healthy bees for economic and environmental profit. Exploratory courses are not recommended for those that own honey bees already, but for those that are not sure whether beekeeping is for them or not. The exploratory courses are funded by a grant that provides free education for targeted communities in Nebraska to teach an introductory class. This class is NOT REQUIRED to progress through the master beekeeping program.