Instructor Resources

Instructors in the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program are certified by the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, and a governing committee made up of professors, and Master Beekeepers from all of the participating states in the regional program.

Certification means that the education materials have been checked by the program and contain scientifically vetted information and industry standards for beekeeping practices. 

If your teaching program becomes certified, the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program can provide you with up-to-date information regarding best practices, Integrated Pest Management, and other updates from the scientific community.

Becoming an instructor for the program means that you and your students will have the cutting edge of bee research and information at your fingertips. 

NONE of your materials will EVER be shared with anyone when you submit a course to be certified by GPMB. 

If you would like to tailor your courses to fit in the Sub-topics evaluation of the Learning Objectives, please click here to download the subtopics list. Sub-topics will help guide your courses to cover the Learning Objectives in enough detail to certify your course. 

Submit Course for Certification Liability Waiver