Below are certified courses for the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program as well as the Learning Objectives they count towards. Remember, you can take any level course; the credits simply won't count until you have fullfilled your other requirements and move to the next level. We will continue to add more courses as they become available. Remember to report your courses withing 60 days of taking it to recieve credit in the GPMB program. 

Please bring payment in the form of cash or check to the event unless otherwise specified. For event cancellation due to bad weather, we will email you 5 hours prior to the event start time. We will also post on the Facebook page @GPMBeekeeping.  Please be sure to register for the event so you can receive updates. 

bee in a hive

Open Apiary - Lincoln

Sept 24, and Oct 22.
UNL Research Apiary: GPS: 40.828995, -96.655743
Once a month the UNL Bee Lab research colonies will be open to GPMB members for demos, Q&A and field training.
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Exploratory Beekeeping Class: Anchor Meadow Farm

Sept 19th
2297 A St Rd Milford, Nebraska 68405
Exploratory Courses are for those interested in keeping bees and are unsure of the time and money commitment but want to find out about how to help bees. This course will be taught at Anchor Meadow Farm by Matt Hendl. Exploratory Beekeeping is a non-credit course that is a great "taster" or "appetizer" for if you are possibly interested in keeping bees.
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Virtual Bee Fun Day

June 13 & 14
Video Link: Will be emailed to you the day prior (after registration)
Due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, state restrictions have caused many beekeeping fun days and seminars to be cancelled across the mid-west. The Great Plains Master Beekeeping (GPMB) program, a program created out of demand for beekeeping courses in the mid-west, has decided to put on a Virtual Bee Fun Day. Virtual Bee Fun Day is a free event, with suggested donations to help benefit Beekeeper Associations and the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program. The event will feature multiple speakers, demonstrations, and even a time to meet with your beekeeping association.
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