Below are certified courses for the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program as well as the Learning Objectives they count towards. Remember, you can take any level course; the credits simply won't count until you have fullfilled your other requirements and move to the next level. We will continue to add more courses as they become available. Remember to report your courses withing 60 days of taking it to recieve credit in the GPMB program. 

Please bring payment in the form of cash or check to the event unless otherwise specified. For event cancellation due to bad weather, we will email you 5 hours prior to the event start time. We will also post on the Facebook page @GPMBeekeeping.  Please be sure to register for the event so you can receive updates. 

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People standing in beesuits listening to Judy speak

Nebraska Open Apiary - Lincoln

April 14th, May 12th, June 16th, July 7th, Aug 11th, Sept 15th, Oct 13th
UNL Research Apiary: GPS: 40.828995, -96.655743
Once a month the UNL Bee Lab research colonies will be open to GPMB members for demos, Q&A and field training.
State: Nebraska | |

Beginning Beekeeping (NEKBA 2021)

Jan 30th
This course is taught by the Northeast Kansas Beekeepers Association (NEKBA).
State: Kansas | Course Standards: 1.7 | 1.8 | 1.9 | 1.10 | 1.12 | 1.13 | 1.14 | 1.15 | 1.16 | 1.18 | 1.19 |

Mead Making 2021 with Ken Schramm

Aug 14
Kimmel Orchard 5995 G Road, Nebraska City, NE 68410
The Great Plains Master Beekeeping program is offering a mead making course hosted by Kimmel Orchard on August 14 2021. The speakers will be Dr Marion Ellis, Dr Judy Wu-Smart, renowned mead-maker Ken Schramm, and many more.
State: Nebraska | Course Standards: 2.6 | 3.13 |

Heroes to Hives

Heroes to Hives is a unique program through Michigan State University Extension that seeks to address financial and personal wellness of veterans through FREE professional training and community development centered around beekeeping.
State: Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | Nebraska | Course Standards: 1.1 | 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 | 1.6 | 1.7 | 1.8 | 1.9 | 1.10 | 1.11 | 1.12 | 1.13 | 1.14 | 1.15 | 1.16 | 1.17 | 1.18 | 1.19 | 1.20 | 2.2 | 2.9 | 2.14 | 2.15 | 2.23 | 2.24 | 3.1 | 3.7 |

UNL Year 1 Beekeeping Workshop 2021

March 27th, 2021 (Online Lecture) | Field Day - April 17th East Campus Lincoln
Online Lecture, In-person Field training
This is an introductory level course that focuses on everything you need to start beekeeping, including topics on beekeeping equipment, protective gear, honey bee biology, stressors, and management basics.
State: Nebraska | Course Standards: 1.1 | 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 | 1.6 | 1.7 | 1.8 | 1.9 | 1.10 | 1.11 | 1.12 | 1.13 | 1.14 | 1.15 | 1.16 | 1.17 | 1.18 | 1.19 | 1.20 |
Grafting cups on a hive frame

UNL Bee Lab Queen Rearing 2021

Kimmel Orchard - Saturday June 26th / Scottsbluff - Saturday July 17th
Kimmel Orchard 5995 G Road, Nebraska City, NE 68410, and Scottsbluff, NE

Beekeepers have reported consistent losses (30-70%) of honey bee colonies over the last decade. These high losses result in immense economic burdens for beekeepers and have prevented new beekeepers from successfully growing their operations. Rearing locally adapted queens help support the demand for high quality queens that may be more able to ward off pests and diseases and or be more resilient to environmental stressors.

State: Nebraska | Course Standards: 3.19 |
Judy with Bees

UNL Year 2 Beekeeping Workshop 2021

April 10th, 2021 (Online Lecture) | Field Day - April 24th Kimmel | May 8 Souix City
Online Lecture, In-person Field training
This year we are planning on having the lecture portion of our workshops in an online webinar format. When registering for this course, all registrants will attend on the same day APRIL 10th, 2021, and field portions will be used to space attendees out in space and time. Please see the description for the in person field days.
State: Nebraska | Course Standards: 2.1 | 2.8 | 2.14 | 2.15 | 2.16 | 2.19 | 2.20 | 2.21 | 2.22 | 2.23 | 2.24 |

Virtual Bee Fun Day 2021

Feb 13th
Virtual Bee Fun Day is an online meetup of Great Plains Master Beekeeping members, non-members, and partner associations. The event was originally created to support partner associations during the impact from Covid-19. We partnered together so that each association has to only share the burden of a few speakers but we all benefit from the speakers.
State: Iowa | Michigan | Minnesota | Kansas | Missouri | Nebraska | Wyoming | |
Missouri State Beekeepers 2021 Virtual conference

Missouri State Beekeepers Virtual Spring Conference

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Missouri State Beekeepers (MSBA) will hold their Virtual Spring Conference on Saturday, March 13, 2021 beginning at 8:00 a.m. and concluding at 3:30 p.m. Deadline to register for the conference is Monday, March 8, 2021.

State: Missouri | |

Open Apiary (veteran specific)- Nebraska

Apr 28, May 27, June 9, July 14, Aug 12, Sept 16
Anchor Meadow Farm: 2297 A St Rd, Milford NE
Heroes to Hives has partnered with GPMB to provide Open Apiary sessions exclusively for Veterans.
State: Nebraska | |
Large scale pollinator habitat installation

Large Scale Pollinator Habitat Installation

May 29th
Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard
GPMB is partnering with Pheasants Forever and Kimmel Orchard to install ~5 acres of pollinator habitat.
State: Nebraska | Course Standards: 2.2 |

Nebraska Open Apiary: Kimmel Orchard

Apr 24
Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard: 5995 G Rd, Nebraska City, NE 68410

UNL Year 2 Beekeeping was canceled this year due to lack of participants. Since we still wanted to offer training to beekeepers GPMB and UNL Bee Lab have decided to make an extra long Open Apiary session where you can bring your questions and we can open hives and show you the research apiaries located at Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard. This Open Apiary is free for anyone that signed up for our Year 2 Beekeeping Workshop.

State: Nebraska | |

2021 NEKBA Bee Fun Day

June 5, 2021
After a one-year hiatus, Funday is back and this year it will be virtual. As in the past, we will have knowledgeable and engaging speakers that will cover a wide range of topics for beekeepers of all skill levels. Registration is just $25. All but one presentation will be recorded for later viewing. Those that have registered will have access to the recordings so that they may watch, or watch again, at their convenience. In past years, besides meeting and talking to fellow beekeepers, one of the fun aspects of Funday was the silent auction. This year we will be having an online auction where some unique, some practical, and some inspiring items will be available. Auction proceeds will go towards NEKBA’s educational programs. Viewing and bidding will be available from Tuesday, June 1, 9 AM, through Sunday, June 6, at 7 PM.
State: Kansas | |
people in bee handling suits

Open Apiary-Great Plains Master Beekeeping-Missouri (GPMB-MO)

June 28th, July 26th, August 23rd, September 27th, October 25th
Thee Abbey Kitchen / Arcadia Academy 211 S College Street Arcadia, MO 63621
An informal opportunity for new beekeepers to learn about basic hive inspection techniques as taught by a certified master beekeeper.
About this event
State: Missouri | |
A beekeeper and student inspecting a hive

EXPLORE BEEKEEPING (BILINGUAL) - GRAND ISLAND, NEB: Apicultura Exploratoria (Bilingüe)

July 22nd
Ashley Park - Picnic Shelter 220 W Capital Ave. Grand Island, Nebraska

About: Are you curious about beekeeping? Join this training to learn about bee biology, how the hive functions as a system, as well as how much it costs to start beekeeping and how to do it. Topics will include healthy pollinator communities, the beekeeping industry, and beekeeping as a farm business. 

Registration/Questions: Contact Kirstin Bailey at or 402.870.2390. Registration required by July 22.

State: Nebraska | |
an unplanted plot of farmland

EXPLORE FARMING (BILINGUAL) - SCOTTSBLUFF, NEB: Explorando La Agricultura (Bilingüe)

9 July
Centennial Park - Gazebo 400 E 20th St. Scottsbluff, NE

About: Starting your own farm business can be daunting, but this workshop offers information that will help. Attendees will learn where to start the process, how to develop skills for farming, about resources they may need, and much more.

Registration required by July 9.

Registration/Questions: Contact Lucia Schulz at or 402.380.7006

State: Nebraska | |
a beekeeper moving hives

EXPLORE BEEKEEPING (BILINGUAL) - WEST POINT, NEB: Explorando la Apicultura (Bilingüe)

July 15
Neligh Park Log Cabin/330 Center Building in Neligh Park, West Point, Nebraska

About: Are you curious about beekeeping? Join this training to learn about bee biology, how the hive functions as a system, as well as how much it costs to start beekeeping and how to do it. Topics will include healthy pollinator communities, the beekeeping industry, and beekeeping as a farm business.

Registration/Questions: Contact Kirstin Bailey at or 402.870.2390. Registration required by July 15.

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