Open Apiary-Great Plains Master Beekeeping-Missouri (GPMB-MO)

people in bee handling suits
An informal opportunity for new beekeepers to learn about basic hive inspection techniques as taught by a certified master beekeeper.
About this event

Nebraska Open Apiary: Kimmel Orchard


UNL Year 2 Beekeeping was canceled this year due to lack of participants. Since we still wanted to offer training to beekeepers GPMB and UNL Bee Lab have decided to make an extra long Open Apiary session where you can bring your questions and we can open hives and show you the research apiaries located at Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard. This Open Apiary is free for anyone that signed up for our Year 2 Beekeeping Workshop.

Large Scale Pollinator Habitat Installation

Large scale pollinator habitat installation
GPMB is partnering with Pheasants Forever and Kimmel Orchard to install ~5 acres of pollinator habitat.

Open Apiary (veteran specific)- Nebraska

Heroes to Hives has partnered with GPMB to provide Open Apiary sessions exclusively for Veterans.

UNL Bee Lab Queen Rearing 2021

Grafting cups on a hive frame

Beekeepers have reported consistent losses (30-70%) of honey bee colonies over the last decade. These high losses result in immense economic burdens for beekeepers and have prevented new beekeepers from successfully growing their operations. Rearing locally adapted queens help support the demand for high quality queens that may be more able to ward off pests and diseases and or be more resilient to environmental stressors.

UNL Year 1 Beekeeping Workshop 2021

This is an introductory level course that focuses on everything you need to start beekeeping, including topics on beekeeping equipment, protective gear, honey bee biology, stressors, and management basics.

Heroes to Hives

Heroes to Hives is a unique program through Michigan State University Extension that seeks to address financial and personal wellness of veterans through FREE professional training and community development centered around beekeeping.

Nebraska Open Apiary - Lincoln

People standing in beesuits listening to Judy speak
Once a month the UNL Bee Lab research colonies will be open to GPMB members for demos, Q&A and field training.