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Field training hours are required for each level of the Great Plains Master Beekeeping course. Field training exists so beekeepers are versed in the technical knowledge of how to keep bees, and in the subtle nuances of maintaining them. Ensure you are working with a beekeeping mentor from your association or club when you get started, especially since they must verify your hours to receive credit.

Types of accepted field training:

  • Working your own hives with mentor or other beekeeper
  • Hive inspections/checks
  • Extracting or harvesting honey
  • Treating your bees
  • Building equipment for your bees
  • Processing beeswax or other hive products


Beekeeping workshops are a validated method to get started beekeeping and refine your skills as you become more experienced. Workshops are offered through universities, bee clubs, associations, as well as individuals. The Great Plains Master Beekeeping program only allows credits from certified, credible beekeeping instructors to count towards your education.

Have you taken an eligible in-person course? Click HERE to submit it.


Volunteering is a critical aspect of the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program because it promotes community involvement and builds experience as an advocate for bees Advocating for bees to the public will make beekeeping a more central topic and push changes at a larger level that can benefit the entire beekeeping community.


Volunteer Hours can be earned by:

  • Speaking to a civic group, school, 4-H, or other group about bees, beekeeping, or pollination.
  • Participating in an interview for a radio, TV, or newspaper story about beekeeping.
  • Assisting an individual in preparing a state or county fair exhibit (regarding bees or beekeeping).
  • Speaking to a club about some aspect of beekeeping.
  • Assist with preparation or implementation of a state or national beekeeping meeting.
  • Serve as an officer in a beekeeping club or association.
  • Spending time working an educational display or exhibit regarding bees or beekeeping.
  • Organize a new bee club or association.
  • Write a newspaper, magazine, or newsletter article about some aspect of beekeeping.
  • Teach an exploratory level beekeeping class (Journeyman/Master level).
  • Teach a beginning beekeeping class (Master level only).

*volunteer hours performed prior to participating in the master beekeeping program cannot be claimed.