Bees and Brews Night: Exploratory Beekeeping WY

hive w/flowers

Learn about the role and importance of bees in food production, and how they help shape our natural landscapes and support other wildlife. Being a beekeeper is NOT required! Do this while enjoying a nice cold brew at Melvins Brewing and Alpine Taproom. 

Learn about healthy pollinator communities, the beekeeping industry, and beekeeping as a farm business.

After this class, you will have a better understanding of:
• What it takes to become a beekeeper, including time and labor;

UNL Beekeeping Business Class

Have you always wanted to know if beekeeping should become a small business or side hustle instead of an expensive hobby? Come to this class to discuss the options and tax incentives behind turning beekeeping into a business, and if it isnt for you, there will also be a time to learn what are the "dos and donts" of your hobby. Deductions for equipment, whether or not to become an LLC and many more questions will be answered by tax professionals.