Bees and Brews


Join us to learn about hive overwintering, troubleshooting winter losses, and review important details about spring management at the Clint Johannes Education Building. We will also be enjoying beer tasting with Kros-Strain Brewing Company. All ages are welcome for the presentations but ID's will be checked prior to beer tasting. 

Clint Johannes Education Building

1655 County Road 16

East Side of Lake Wanahoo near Wahoo, NE. 


5:45 PM: Doors Open

6:00 PM: Presentations

                  Hive Overwintering | Troubleshooting Winter Losses | Overview of Spring Management

7:45 PM: Beer tasting with Kros-Strain Brewing Company. 


State: Nebraska
Field Training: 

Course Date: 
March 13

Course Time: 
5:45 PM - 7:45 PM

Course Location: 
Clint Johannes Education Building. 1655 County Road 16. East side of Lake Wanahoo. Near Wahoo, NE.