Beekeeping For Beginners (SCC)

This Beekeeping for Beginners class utilizes classroom sessions, our textbook The Backyard Beekeeper 4th Ed, handouts, plus months of hands-on and open-hive learning options. Students are taught how to prepare for keeping bees, shown how to install bees into a hive, and guided through the beekeeper year.

Open Apiary

Open Apiary times are an informal unstructured gathering of members of the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program. There will be brief demonstrations, questions and answers, and time to get hands on experience with beehives.

Learning Series: Value Added Products

Value added products are the mainstay of many bee businesses. By adding additional ingredients, or by simply refining products found in the hive and marketing them, you can vastly increase the number of products that your beehives produce.

Learning Series: Pollination Services and Plant Biology, Landscape Enhancements

Bees and flowers are completely intertwined, and so in order to feed your bees properly, large landscape level blooms are necessary. This learning series will be a huge asset to give you the tools and knowledge to do your own large pollinator habitat installations to feed the bees!

Learning Series: Overwintering Basics

Beekeeping begins in the fall, overwintering is one of the most critical points in a beekeepers year because you can either do a lot of good or damage your hives irreparably. With this learning series learn how to keep your bees alive during the winter to get a strong hive in the spring.

Learning Series: Honey Extraction Small/Large Scale

Why do we keep honey bees? For honey of course! Learn how to get the honey from the bees and all the things in between in this learning series.

Learning Series: Varroa Mite Treatment

The Varroa mite is the beekeepers worst enemy. Learn how and when to arm yourself to protect your hives against this destructive pest.