Bee and Butterfly Fund Seed A Legacy Program 

  • For establishing high-quality pollinator habitat to ensure honey bee and monarch butterfly populations thrive. 
  • Minimum of 2 acres; 50% seeded with monarch seed mix and 50% with honey bee mix.
  • 2-25 acres: no cost for seed, 25+ has cost-share program.
  • Enrolled acres are restricted from haying, mowing, shredding and/or grazing from April 1st to September 30th of each year of the 5-year contract.
  • The application can be found on their website:, please review guidelines before applying.

Monarch Watch 

  • Non Profit, corporate, or private funded restoration projects (2+acres) are eligible to receive free milkweed plugs. 
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have a land management plan and that other nectar sources are either pre-existing or are included in the project. 
  • Recipients will be responsible for shipping and handling costs, which are modest compared to the value of the plants. For most shipments, four flats cost $40-$60 to ship via UPS Ground, (20-30 cents per plant).
  • Applications can be found on Please review the information page before ordering. 

Pheasants Forever

  • Offer technical assistance to design a custom mixture for your habitat project. With over 280 species of grasses, legumes, and wildflowers available.
  • PF also offers pre-made seed mixes based on reference plant communities of Nebraska; from tallgrass prairies of the east to short-grass prairies of the west.
  • Mixes can be found at nebraskapf.comor contact your local biologist.

Corners for Wildlife

  • Provides a steady income on center pivot irrigation corners when a high diversity grass and wildflower mix is planted to increase wildlife and pollinator habitat. 
  • Agree to establish wildlife habitat on areas next to a center pivot. The land does not have to be operated by the same person that operates the acres under the pivot.
  • Materials are cost-shared 75% by Nebraska Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever with the landowner responsible for 25% of the material costs. 
  • For more information visit or call 844-733-3669