Second Year Beekeeping (Rolla MO)


Second Year Beekeeping prepares beekeepers who have helped their bees through winter with a full year managing bees including overwintering basics; why bees may die over winter; doing splits, requeening and extracting honey.

Weather permitting, we will have a how to light a smoker demo the day of class; we also have visits to nearby apiary during our monthly bee club meetings that support class students.

Honey Bee Stings with Micheal Brown

Micheal Brown

Learn how to safely handle stings in this talk by Micheal Brown. There will also be a hands on portion, a video portion demonstrating epinephrine auto-injectors and a great time to ask questions about stings and safety.

Has a hands on portion using demo models of epinephrine auto-injectors (multiple types on the market)

Beginning Beekeeping (Johnson County Beekeepers Association)


Beginning Beekeeping Workshop – Johnson County MO: This intensive workshop is designed for beginning, new, and for experienced beekeepers desiring a firm foundation in the art and science of beekeeping management. The two-part 10.5 hour course is hosted by the Johnson County Missouri Beekeepers Association. The JoCoMoBA professional team of presenters come from a pool of seasoned and commercial beekeepers.