Heroes to Hives



Heroes to Hives is a unique program through that seeks to address financial and personal wellness of veterans through FREE professional training and community development centered around beekeeping.
Veterans leave this program with a broad depth of beekeeping knowledge, as well as personal and professional relationships that open up new opportunities and ensure long-term peer support. Our students understand the importance of pollinators in US agriculture and stand to protect managed honey bees through small-scale sustainable beekeeping operations.
Students receive 2-6 hours of lecture content every month from March-November that is pre-recorded so that they can learn at their own pace. Online instruction is then couple with on-ground training May-October on hive handling, hive inspections, pest and pathogen management, and beekeeping ergonomics nearly every weekend during the beekeeping season at one of the training apiaries located throughout Michigan and other participating states. 
NOTE: The Heroes to Hives online program requirements for completion are much less stringent than the GPMB requirements which is why you can get a H2H certificate completion based on completing the quizzes only. The H2H agreement with GPMB requires H2H look at every piece of content a student has gone through to ensure all of the lectures and instructional videos (as well as the quizzes), which are required for their course and for the Apprenticeship level certificate with them. Please note that these requirements are more stringent because the GPMB course is a Master Beekeeping course which is a professional certification recognized in the industry. This means that although you met the H2H requirements to get the MSU certificate, it does not automatically mean you have met the requirements for GPMB. 

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